Saturday, September 17, 2011

Briley Choke Tubes For Sale 12 GA

In a black oxidized finish. Long shotgun choke tube extends beyond the length of the muzzle, features highly polished interior for less pellet deformation; reduced fliers and tighter patterns. Knurled grasping band speeds installation and removal. Shotgun choke constriction is marked on band so there is no need to remove shotgun choke to verify size

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All Choke Tubes Are New

Beretta Optima Plus - Improved Modified - Extended 

Beretta Optima Plus - Light Full - Extended 

Beretta Optima Plus - Improved Modified - Extended
The Goose Getter Choke is made to bring big, big birds. You can count on it to deliver a lot of punch with the large BB's normally used in Goose hunting. Using this Improved Modified on Geese will deliver every time.

Beretta Optima Plus - Full - Extended

Remington - Light Modified - Extended 
The Dove Duster is a choke between Modified and Improved Cylinder, you get the best of both worlds.  Distance is never a problem and when the birds are in close your pattern is open and ready.

Beretta Optima Plus - Skeet - Flush - Silver

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