Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Used Gun

On Saturday I went to the Oakdale Gun Club to try out the new used gun I got at the Gander Mountain flood sale. It is a Beretta Urika 391 trap with a 30" barrel. I thought it would be a good waterfowl and backup pheasant gun. It seemed to have an issue of miss-firing when I took off the safety. I stopped using it and switched to another gun for the rest of the shoot. the next day I took it out to a farm to just run a bunch of shells through it. It seemed to work just fine through the 2 boxes I shot. I think maybe I had used too much lubricant on it and maybe my hand was slipping. I'll try it a bunch more times in a controlled environment before I take it out into the field.

Gouse season starts in just a few weeks. Dove and early goose start in a few days.

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