Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3 Day Hunt

The plan was to take a Friday off and make a 3 day hunt out of it.

Friday started well and we got 3 birds in a bit over an hour. We even passed on a few chances to fill out as we didn't want to be done right away. We were just west of Hutchinson, MN. We drove 90 min west to the Granite Falls area. We missed a couple of easy ones and ended up with the 3 birds.

Felt ok about not limiting out though as it was misty and light rain to the hunting spots and from the hunt to the hotel but it was decent weather while hunting.

Had good dog work out of all three dogs. Tina is starting to catch on to the ways of pheasants.

Stayed at the Fiesta City motel... Pretty funny.. we had the cabin option. We got all checked in and headed down to the cabin. Walked in and it had not been cleaned at all. Went back to the office. Got switched to a regular room. $57 per night. Not bad for 2 guys and 4 dogs.

Saturday was a nice day weather wise. We were hunting the Granite Falls area. Mostly saw hens until later in the day. Spots that usually produce roosters just held a few hens. Corn was still up around most of the spots though. Even hunted some public land for a change of pace and just saw hens there also. We did end up getting one rooster towards the end of the day. Missed 2 easy shots also.

The dogs did well for the second straight day. I could tell they were tied by the end of the day though.

Sunday dawned with howling winds. The gusts were up to 50 mph. We ate breakfast and bagged the hunt and started the drive home. When we drove by the spot we had planned to hunt it started to rain and the wet snow flakes were not far behind.

Hunt 1000's of acres of private land in MN.

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