Saturday, November 29, 2008

November 22/23 An easy weekend.

November 22/23 An easy weekend.

I hunted a unit south of Hutchinson. 90 acres of CRP and wetlands.

I was lucky enough to hunt this unit the first weekend after they had taken the corn out of the field next to it.

On Saturday I was able to get my two bird limit in 30 minutes and on Sunday it took me 40 minutes. I kept working the dogs afterwards to get them some more exercise. Felt lucky to have gotten the birds I did because we didn’t see any others in the next hour of work.

On each of the days I missed at least one easy shot. I’m finding that I am doing well on the shots that are coming off of a point but if they are getting up early I am missing. It seems like I am worst at the crossing shots. Not leading or following through.

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