Thursday, August 23, 2012

SportDog SD-1850 - Upland Hunter with 2 Collars - For Sale


The UplandHunter™ (Model SD-1850) offers a long list of features and benefits that reflect the company’s dedication to living up to its philosophy of providing hunters with “The Gear You’d Design.”

In keeping with the “upland” theme, the compact, ergonomic transmitter is finished in a bold UplandBlaze™ orange. This rugged, waterproof unit offers eight correction levels that are instantly selectable from the intensity dial. Delivering continuous or momentary stimulation is as simple as picking one of the two prominent buttons on the transmitter’s flat front. Both the transmitter and rugged, waterproof collar-receiver operate on rechargeable NiMH batteries. They also offer low-battery notice so a hunter is never caught in the field with an uncharged system. Together they provide up to ¾-mile of range for control of big-running dogs.

The waterproof beeper unit slides onto the collar strap and provides a tracking signal audible from up to 500 yards. The user can turn the beeper on and off or switch beeper run modes by using the transmitter’s side buttons. Run modes include Silent, a beep every five seconds or a beep every 10 seconds. In all modes, the beeper beeps once per second when the dog points. It also offers a choice of nine different tones, adjustable from the transmitter so the hunter can pick the one he can hear the best or finds most pleasant to the ear. The beeper operates on a long-life, user-replaceable lithium battery.

The UplandHunter™ 1850 can be used as a two-dog unit with the purchase of a second collar-receiver/beeper (Model SDR-BEEP). A toggle switch on the transmitter lets the user program the collars individually. Also available is the SD-AB Add-A-Beeper, which is the beeper unit only. The SD-AB can be added to any collar strap and can be operated with other SportDOG Brand® remote transmitters.

Remote Training Features:
3/4-mile range
8 levels of continuous stimulation
8 levels of momentary stimulation
Rechargeable NiMH batteries
Low-battery alert
Expandable to two-dog operation
All components waterproof and submersible

Beeper Features:
Rugged, waterproof speaker unit
Audible to 500 yards
9 tones to choose from
3 run modes (silent, 5-second beep or 10-second beep)
Long-life lithium battery operation
Beeper can be used independently of collar receiver

SportDog SD-1850 Trainer - Collar/Receiver Information:
Internal antenna system
Rugged design
100% Waterproof collar/receiver
Rechargeable NiMH batteries
User-replaceable, NiMH heavy duty batteries which will last 3-5
Built-in LED battery charge indicator and test light
Weight: 9.6 ounces with collar strap
Receiver Dimensions 3" x 1.5" x 1.5"
Collar Dimensions = 1" wide strap, 27" collar strap fits up to 23" dog neck

SportDog SD-1850 Trainer - Transmitter Dimensions:
Weight - 5.6 oz
Measurements - 2.25 " x 1.25 " x 7.5 (with antenna)
100 % waterproof
Durable NiMH batteries
Low battery Indicator
Built-in toggle switch for an easy dog upgrade

SportDog SDR-BEEP Add-A-Collar
Unlike any other product in the category, this remote beeper does not depend on a training collar to operate. You can use your transmitter to operate the remote beeper by itself, the training collar by itself, or both together if you need them. This is a flexible training/hunting accessory that will fit your style. If you own a SportDOG UplandHunter 1850, the 1850 transmitter will operate all SDR-BEEP training collar and beeper functions remotely and allow you to run a second dog. If you own a SportDOG SD-1800, SD-2000, SD-2500, or SD-3000 system, your transmitter, will operate the SDR-BEEP training collar and the remote locate or "call" function on the beeper. SportDOG Brand, Gear the way you'd design it. 

Original Collar Receiver/Remote Beeper for the UplandHunter SD-1850
Both the Collar Receiver and Remote Beeper are compatible with SportDOG SD-1800, SD-1850, SD-2000, SD-2500 and SD-3000 Remote Transmitters
Modular design allows use of Collar Receiver and Remote Beeper together or separately
Waterproof Collar Receiver and Remote Beeper
Collar Receiver uses replaceable, rechargeable NiMH battery
Beeper uses disposable CR123A battery
SportDOG 2 Year Warranty

Beeper Tones:
Low Volume Hawk
High Volume Hawk
Bobwhite Quail Call
Triple Beep
Low Volume Beep
High Volume Beep
Double High Volume Beep
High Falling to Low Volume
Double High Falling to Low Volume 

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