Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Beretta Xcel Competition Shotgun
Built on the Xplor platform introduced last year, the Xcel is the newest offering the Beretta line of competition shotguns. It has a traditional vent rib and is available with and without the patented Beretta Kick-Off(tm) recoil system.
There are a lot of surprises in the Xcel for those of us who would think it is simply a repackaged Xplor with a vent rib. In researching the need for a new auto-shotgun Beretta discovered that the Xplor was too light, so inside they took some of the aluminum and polymer components and replaced them with steel. They also added a weight system at the end of the screw cap, and completed the shotgun with a completely new piece of shotgun competition technology. There is a computer in the stock! Every round you shoot with the Xcel is counted by the gun, and you can’t reset it. Turn the gun upside down and you will see an LCD display with buttons, and this display will tell you a variety of factors about your shots. If the batteries run out, the Xcel keeps counting. When you put the new batteries in it will tell you what you shot when the batteries were dead. This is nifty new shotgun that we will hopefully pick up more information and better pictures for this week.

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