Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Coyote Incident While Dog Training




Well that was interesting and not in a good way… everyone is ok though.  I was running the dogs out at Kelly Farms ( where I train the dogs )this morning.  The workout was going well even though it was warm.. we got to the spot where we were going to turn around and start to work back when Val went on point and I something small in front of her.  I thought she was pointing a fawn and then she went in like she was going to play with it and I heard yipping.. couldn’t figure out what it was until I heard more and louder yipping.. it was a pup coyote and 2 adults were going in to save it.  I ran in and tried to scare them off.. they were biting at Val’s rear side and she was growling back.. Tasha came in to help and it was getting to be a cluster… I grabbed both dogs by the collars and tried to drag them away but the coyotes kept coming in.. I threw my started pistol at the closest one and missed.. ( i had already fired my blanks at birds.. )  I got one of the short leads that I carry thru Tasha’s collar and also clamped it onto Val.. I was still hollering at the yotes….  and they were still right next to us.. I ended up getting out the 2nd lead which has a big brass connector and started to swing it at them.. they backed up a foot.. it probably took us 10+ minutes to move a few feet.  A 3rd yote had come close but hadn’t come in.. we moved a few more feet and one of the yotes moved back.. the main one kept growling and nipping at us… I finally got the dogs under a bit on control and started to move but the more aggressive one never was more than three feet away and would try to slip in.. I was hollering at it and trying to appear big.  It took us quite awhile to get back to the truck and get the dogs loaded.. I took them to bald eagle lake to wash them and check them over… it doesn’t seem like anyone is injured… I won’t train in that part of the farm again but will maybe start to carry a shotgun along with a training pistol...

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